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Manchester is our latest scheme to have gone live
February 2013

The Manchester Move scheme went live in February 2013. It advertises ready-to-rent homes for 19 not-for-profit landlords. The scheme includes an on-line registration form and a change of circumstances form.

The Manchester Move common system covers seven different policies across the 19 partners.

Applicants are given the option to register with all partners in the scheme in one go, cutting down unnecessary time and resources spent applying to each partner individually. They are also able to choose which of the partners manage their application. This will significantly reduce staff resources over the partnership for the future.

Applicants are asked to choose how they wish to be contacted: via letter, email or telephone. When officers send out bulk notifications, these are sorted into either letter or email groups and a copy saved in the applicant’s journal. Once again, considerable savings in staff resources, postage and packaging are anticipated.

The public website also features a new traffic light system. Properties are coded red, amber and green for each applicant – green meaning that the customer has a good chance of being considered for that specific property. This helps customers identify homes they want to watch for in that bidding cycle so that they can make best use of their three bids.

Since there are long waiting lists for some homes in certain areas, some properties are listed as “Quick Move” and these are available more often. Once a customer has bid on one of these adverts, officers are able to make a decision immediately and do not need to wait for the one week bidding cycle to close.

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Sector offers support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via our online support site where clients can log and track support requests. We also run a support hotline available Monday - Friday from 9:00 - 17:30.

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Sector is Locata Housing Services (LHS)'s strategic IT supplier. We develop and support all of the Locata software solutions. LHS are the largest central lettings agency for choice based systems and housing systems in this country.

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Sector provides a wide range of management and IT consultancy to the Public Sector. Areas of expertise range across strategic review, systems integration, third party system procurement and support through to bespoke systems and website development.

Sector [UK] Limited

Sector was established in 1991 to provide high quality, value for money IT services and management consultancy to the public sector. This remains our core objective.

Over the years, as the business environment has evolved, our company has adapted to reflect new directions in technology and services. Sector now operates two distinct business streams:

1) The provision of software solutions to the public sector Housing market
2) IT focused management consultancy to the Local Authority and RSL markets.

We believe that maintaining these distinct business threads allows us to bring synergistic benefits to our customers. Our systems development staff can draw upon the in depth knowledge of our management consultants to ensure our solutions meet the current and future market needs, and our management consultants can draw on detailed technical skills to provide realistic advice on current and future possibilities.